The Unlimited Solar Way

From Start to Finish

We have created a 5-Step process that simplifies the solar system installation for your property. We will provide you peace of mind as our experts guide you every step of the way. So sit back and relax and leave the rest to our experts .


1. Consultation
(Virtual or On-site)

We will guide you through all the complexities and details of solar – from understanding your energy needs, electricity bills to installation and more. Stay safe with Unlimited Solar’s virtual consultations. We will learn about the unique needs of your home or business before we move into the design process. If you require an on-site consultation, send us a request and you will hear back from one of our solar experts.

2. Site Modelling-
Design Optimization

We use state of the art Site Modeling tools that allows Unlimited Solar to design a custom home solar system in minutes, based on your roof’s unique dimensions and layout. We will ensure the home solar system matches your unique lifestyle and home energy needs. We will propose numerous options based on different output size and brand of our Tier-1 products.
Site Modeling will use your roof’s individual profile including:

Sun exposure
Roof obstacles

3. Hassle Free
Application Process

The applications for rebates can be quite complex. We will carry out the applications required from various agencies for your solar installation and also apply for and assist you in availing the rebates that you are eligible for.

4. Seamless Installation

We shall install the solar system at your property with minimum interference for you to carry out your daily activities. All our installers are CEC accredited and highly experienced in installation of all kinds of solar panels.

5. Warranty and Support

All our products come with industry standard product warranty and we shall support you to maximise your output after installation. Our solar experts will guide you through all the guarantees and warranties available for your solar installation. We are only a call or email away to address to any of your concerns post installation.

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