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Victoria Rebate

Solar Victoria is currently providing rebates and interest free loans for eligible homes and rental properties up to 30 June 2021. Avail yourself of these rebates to save on your solar system if eligble. With Unlimited Solar Energy you are assured that we will carry out and guide you to avail this rebate if you are eligible. Check the link below to know more about the Solar Victoria rebate scheme.

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We are very pleased with Unlimited Solar’s services and support. Their sales person visited us immediately who was an electrical engineer and knew what he was talking about. Highly recommend them for solar system installation.

Katherine Fox

They sent out a sales rep. who surprisingly was a highly qualified electrical engineer and gave us multiple options and tailored the best solution for us. Highly recommend them for their desire to satisfy customers and knowledge of solar systems.

John Doe

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What if something breaks?

You pay nothing. Zero. We cover your system’s repair costs, plus we take care of paperwork, scheduling, and more. With Unlimited Solar Energy, you’ll never pay a dime for repairs over the warranty period.

What if my solar panels stop working?

We are always only a call away. At Unlimited Solar, we use only Tier 1 products and the possibility of this event is very low. However, in such an event, one of our solar experts shall immediately visit site to fix the issue or replace the solar system if it is within the warranty period.

What if something happens to my roof during installation?

We have you covered. Any damages caused by our installation team during installation shall be rectified by us.

What if I need help?

Don't Worry. We don't have overseas call centres with prewritten scripts. Instead, we have a a world-class Customer Care team based in Australia ready to help resolve any issues that may arise.